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Welcome, on behalf of the Governing Body

School Governing Bodies are established by law as corporate bodies. Their main responsibility is to determine the aims and overall conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.

The Role of the Governors:The specific duties of governing bodies include;

  • to support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in setting long term plans for the school;
  • to support and challenge the school in its efforts to provide the best possible education for your children;
  • to hold the school to account for the decisions that it makes;
  • to monitor health and safety and the management of the premisesThe governing body at Great Sankey Primary fulfils its responsibilities through two committees which meet regularly to agree plans for the school. We also have specific responsibilities and links with classes and teaching staff in the school.  

Achievements of the Governing Body:

Learning Achievements

  • Restructured the School Governing Body to ensure a wider skill base and focus in sustained improvement.
  • Restructured the school support staffing to ensure a closer focus on teaching and learning and long term financial stability.
  • Improved provision for all our pupils by: - investing in additional resources to support the education of individuals and groups of pupils -reviewing and extending the range of strategies and interventions used to meet the needs of all pupils, including our most able pupils.
  • Invested in EYFS outdoor provision to support the transition and enhanced provision for children in Nursery and Reception
  • Invested in updating I-pads and laptops throughout the school to enhance learning
  • Further raised standards in maths, reading and writing 
  • Further improved the safety and well being of our pupils by: - continuing to support the Safeguarding Team and continuing to make investments in the premises to improve security around the building, including fencing around the internal playground
  • Reviewed and improved assessment tracking systems and moderation
  • Remodelling of the mid-year and end of year school reports
  • Continued review of the curriculum to ensure there is clear intent, implementation and impact 

Premises Achievements

  • Improved security at the school through new fencing around internal play areas
  • Installed new external signage around school and for the Nursery
  • Installed a controlled access system around KS1
  • Trained Maintenance Officer to maintain own school grounds to a high standard.
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