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Governing Body Structure

Our current structure of the governing body is as shown in the table below.  However, please go to the Meet the board section to find more details about the members of the board.

Co-opted x7 Parent x2

Staff x1 (+HT)

Phil McEwan (Chair) Mark Davies Vicky Briggs (Head)
Andrew Bent (Vice) Rebecca Eves Sarah Leah
Lewis McVey    
John Carlin    
Leanne Keavey    
x2 vacancies    

Co-opted Governors are people appointed by the board and who, in the opinion of the board, have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Parent Governors are elected by the parents of all students who are registered at the school. When a vacancy occurs, parents are informed by a letter from the Head teacher and nominations are invited.

Staff Governors are elected by their fellow members of staff. The Head teacher is also a governor.

Associate Members are volunteer members of the governing body but they are not governors and they are not recorded in the instrument of government. However, they can attend full governing body meetings but may be excluded from any part of a meeting where the business being considered concerns a member of school staff or an individual pupil.  The governing body will decide if it wants associate members and how many. There is no limit.

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