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From September 2014 changes have been made to how schools assess children’s progress and attainment. The new National Curriculum requires that schools no longer use the ‘Level’ system; it now gives Age Related Expectations (ARE) for each year group. Bands have re-placed levels to reference attainment. Here are the bands which we will refer to when reporting your child’s attainment:

WTS – Working Towards the Standard (This means that your child has not met all of the objectives within the Age Related Expectations for that year group and therefore cannot be awarded this standard.)

ARE – Age Related Expectations (This means your child is working within the standard for their year group)

GDS – Greater Depth Standard (This means that your child is working at greater depth of the age related expectations for that year group)

It is important to note that these three bands are vast and there will be some children working at the lower end of each of the standards and some at the top end. For example two children may be awarded ARE, but one child may just have made it and be at the lower end, whereas another child may be working at a higher level of this standard. It is also key to note that the new National Curriculum is pitched at a higher level than the old curriculum.

We will report your child’s progress and attainment during parents’ evenings and on the interim and end of year reports. When reporting attainment, we will refer to the three standards.

Further information on assessment and on end of key stage SATs can be found on the Powerpoint by clicking on the document below. End of year expectations for all year groups can be found under the Curriculum tab. 

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